• 1 on 1 Classes Covid Procedures

    To Keep our Community safe, we imply regulated Covid Procedures Upon Entering.

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  • *Safety for our Community - COVID-19

    As Community Leaders we are well aware of what is happening and want to let you know that the safety & well-being of our students & families is always the #1 priority here at TableTutors. It’s important that we keep good habits to prevent the spreading of germs. We understand there could be some anxiety in the school communities. We assure you that we are enforcing a strict code of healthy habits, good hygiene, and are following all official directions from public health officials.


    To help you protect yourself and others from possible infection, please remember to:

    Symptoms of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) range from common to severe respiratory illness and include fever, cough and difficulty breathing. If you have recently travelled internationally and are experiencing these symptoms, avoid contact with others, see a health care provider, and tell them the countries you visited.


    Please be assured that we continue to listen closely with the Health Authority, as well as the Ministries of Health and Education, to ensure the continued safety and well- being of all of our students and staff.

    • Wash your hands frequently and well with soap and water
    • Also wash hands before and after EVERY activity we do
    • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer, bring your own if you have one
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
    • Cough or sneeze into your elbow, or cover your cough or sneeze
    • Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness
    • Bring your own snack or lunch and do not share
    • Stay home if you are sick
    • If you are sick, contact a health care provider about your symptoms and inform them of your travel history