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    When a group of DJ'S with the passion for music and the culture of Hip Hop as a whole got together, a new culture of DJ’ing was manifested through the brand ‘TableTutors DJ Training Academy.’


    With in-depth knowledge of the industry, they put together their resources to provide an experience for New & Experienced students. Through the Art of DJ’ing, lessons are not only taught on the turntables but also growing as a person in this modern world.


    Culture & Community is what they really provide. Get better by learning together.


    When you finally make that decision to get started, these guys will take you on a journey and show you more than what you ever thought of.


    Here at TableTutors, Community is our culture. We know that nowadays you can learn everything online, but what make us different is that we have a community. We get better by learning together. All our staff and community members are here for you to become not only a better DJ but a better person as well!


  • mission

    To Guide You on a New Journey though our Culture

    We make it easy.

    Don't you worry...

    With our experiences, we developed systems for all levels to learn easily and with practice of course, become a way better DJ.


    Not only do we teach you lessons on the decks, we teach you success within yourself!

  • Book Intro Class Now

    An Intro Class is a cost effective & non-committed way to get started to see how you really like it!

    After the class, we'll discuss what would be the best route for your DJ Journey.

  • Community Accomplishments

    Through Video, we've had documented features with how we do things

    DJ Lola.K

    Take a look at this shortened video on how Vlogger Kymela, with no experience,

    challenged herself to train to be a DJ in 30 days and then turned into DJ Lolo.K! Enjoy!

    DJ Coop

    He started with us at the young age of 11.

    2 years later at 13, he placed 3rd at Canadian DMC Championship.

    DJ J'aded

    She started with us at the young age of 12.

    2 years later at the age of 14, she the Youngest signed Youth Female DJ & Producer

    They all started with no experience

    These are just a few students both Adult & Youth who have thrived with our guidance. Keep in mind that all these students have had no prior DJ experience before being mentored by us.

  • Testimonials

    Table Tutors are the best! I had an amazing time as a student there. TT feels like family from the first second you start. Relik, G-Nius & Wundrkut are great instructors and also great human beings. I highly recommend to stop by if you're in the metro Vancouver area!!! Big up anytime!

    -Julian Golmez (Facebook Review)  

    The dopest, freshest DJ school to learn the timeless art of vinyl Turntablism . Instructor DJ Relik and the entire Skratch Club crew are super knowledgeable, laid back, and passionate about what they do and best of all each class is always so much fun and engaging . And the equipment that we learn on is easy to use and auditorially stunning. This school is A real wicka, wicka winner !!! Hahaha

    -Jay Lau (Facebook Review)

    Table Tutors is not only an amazing team of highly skilled and passionate Artists but are fantastic coaches as proven by DJ GNius who mentors my 12 year old son DJ KY.

    -Errol Camacho (Facebook Review)

    Dope, knowledgeable, and qualified instructors. Super welcoming to all skill levels. You're going to learn something new here whether it's your first time or you're a DMC wizard.

    -Bryan Chiu (Facebook Review)

    DJ Relik gave me my first lesson and it was awesome! Can’t wait to start up!

    -Sophia Khan (Facebook Review)

    Table Tutors is the most welcoming and fun environment! Our 11 year old can’t get enough of his lessons with Relly. Can’t recommend this place enough...seriously.

    -Matthew Thompson (Facebook Review)

    We attended this place during our team-building event and it was a blast! Tutors are insightful and fun to learn from. Highly recommend them, especially if you are organizing a team event and want to switch gears.

    -Ildar Muslukhov(Google Reveiw)

    Table tutors is an excellent place to learn to DJ! Ted-D is a wonderful and patient instructor. I started at Table Tutors with no prior DJ experience and within 6 months I was DJing weddings and getting into music production. Everyone who works at Table Tutors is kind and welcoming. I highly recommend this business.

    -Dakarta Music(Google Review)

    This school is unprecedented in the Vancouver area DJ community. I am not new to dj'ing, but I always learn something new when i visit and it is a major asset to me.

    -Will Sea (Google Review)

    Best place to learn how to be a DJ, teachers are awesome and the community is very helpful!

    -Cheston Kumar (Google Review)

    I've just finished the foundation program for mixing using only vinyl and am very happy with the results after having only 6 private lessons. I'm planning to continue learning some time later this year. The staff is very friendly, professional, helpful, welcoming and supportive. There is a great feeling of being a part of community too. Thank you Jedro and Matt (Dj Slippee).

    -Andrejus Leonovas (Google Review)

  • Intro Class

    The first step we like to suggest for beginners is to take an Intro Class first